5 Tips to Help Your Healthy Eating Stay on Course This Summer

During the summer months, we all like to go out and enjoy ourselves more. From vacations at the shore to neighborhood barbecues, June, July and August are usually the most fun and active months of the year. However, for adults and children alike, they can also be months where a lot of unhealthy food is consumed. So before you load your plate with too much fat and sugar, check out these five tips to keep you eating smart and healthy.

  1. Bring along some fruit. Chances are, that food stand at the beach isn’t serving the healthiest fare. So instead of spending money on fried onion rings or a sno-cone, pack some fruit in your cooler. You’ll not only have a great snack, you’ll save money and eat healthier at the same time.
  1. Pick a healthy salad (not an unhealthy one). Just because you choose a salad from the menu, doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Salads at many fast-casual and other restaurants can be loaded with calories and unhealthy fats. Check the ingredients carefully and look for salads that have lean protein like chicken, fish or some beans. Visit the company’s website to determine how healthy your salad or other meal will be before you even sit down.
  1. Up Your Veggies. It’s fine to have steak or chicken on the grill, just don’t skip the veggies. Sautéing some tomatoes, peppers, squash, onions and other vegetables is a great way to keep your portion size down while still feeling full. Plus sautéing vegetables really adds to the meal’s flavor.
  1. Be careful at summer barbeques. Hot dogs, fried chicken, beer, lots of desserts…what could go wrong? Unfortunately, plenty for your diet! When you’re at a party, try adding some fruit and veggies to your plate and cut back on the chips. Moderate portion sizes and going easy on the alcohol and desserts can help you stay on track too. Remember, playing horseshoes or badminton won’t burn as many calories as you think.
  1. Bring Along a Cooler. It’s easier to eat healthier when you have more control over what you eat. Packing a cooler when you take a short trip means you can bring along lots of healthy food to enjoy. So skip the fast food on the weekend drive and just find a scenic place to pull over and have lunch. You’ll not only save calories you’ll also save on the bill.

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