Mar 1, 2023 / Pediatrics

Is Your Child Ready for a Smartphone?

By Kia McCarthy, NP             Department of Pediatrics For many parents, deciding when to give their child their first smartphone can cause more than a little anxiety. After all, …

Apr 29, 2022 / Pediatrics

Medical Mythbuster: Teething Can Cause Your Baby to Have a Fever…

By Kia McCarthy, NP Department of Pediatrics For seemingly forever, a host of symptoms and behaviors have been attributed to infant teething – including fever. However, it’s important for …

Medical Mythbuster: When a Child’s Runny Nose Turns Green, That’s a Sign You Need Antibiotics

By Kia McCarthy, NP Reliant Medical Group Pediatrics Many parents mistakenly believe that their child’s green nasal mucous means there is a worsening infection present. In truth, most colds …

Jul 20, 2021 / Pediatrics

Pandemic Gives Rise to Eating Disorders Among Adolescents

According to the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, one unfortunate side effect of the pandemic has been an alarming rise in eating disorders among teenagers. Outpatient and …

Feb 27, 2020 / Medical Minute

Medical Minute: Childhood Fevers

Kia McCarthy, NP discusses your child’s fever and what it means. Learn more in this Medical Minute video! 


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