Month: October 2014

Oct 29, 2014 / Health Advice

Reliant’s Unique Team Approach to Care

You may have noticed that when you go to your doctor’s office for care you often see more people than just your doctor. That’s because at Reliant we rely …

Oct 17, 2014 / Geriatrics / Seniors

Want to Avoid the Flu? Follow These Tips!

Flu viruses spread mainly from person to person contact through droplets when people cough, sneeze or talk. They also spread when people touch something with the flu virus on …

Oct 8, 2014 / Geriatrics / Seniors

Do I Need to See a Rheumatologist?

Although it’s a little hard to believe, the first members of the baby-boom generation are now 65 or older. If you are around that age, you’ve probably noticed a …

Medical Minute: Breastfeeding Benefits for Mom and Baby

Dr. Kristen Newsom, a family practice physician at our Holden location, sat down for a “Medical Minute” video to discuss the numerous benefits that breastfeeding has for both moms and babies. Check …

Oct 2, 2014 / Geriatrics / Seniors

Vitamin D – Are You Getting Enough?

People over 65 are much more prone to develop vitamin D deficiency because of various risk factors including decreased dietary intake, diminished sunlight exposure, reduced skin thickness, decreased intestinal …


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