Aug 31, 2016 / News

Important Name and Website Changes at Reliant

We are excited to share that the names and brand identities of some of our departments and all of our subsidiary organizations at Reliant are changing in order for …

Flossing – Are the Benefits Real?

An investigation recently done by the Associated Press has many people (especially dentists) grinding their teeth. The report says there is no conclusive scientific studies showing the benefit of …

Zika Virus Prompts Worldwide Health Concern

A previously little known virus is causing a great deal of concern in many areas of the world. Spread by mosquitoes, the Zika virus infection in a pregnant female …

Medical Mythbuster: Does Caffeine Enhance Athletic Performance?

We’re not sure if Usain Bolt likes to down an iced latte before a big race, but recent studies show that caffeine does have a measurable effect on athletic …

Aug 10, 2016 / Pediatrics

It’s Back to School Time – Here’s How to Help Your Children Adjust to Getting Up Early

Those yellow school buses are starting to make their morning rounds. As summer winds down and the new school year approaches, it’s important to make sure your children adjust …


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