Month: June 2022

Jun 29, 2022 / Medicare

Reliant accepts Medicare plans that help you stay healthy and limit what you pay for healthcare

Medicare Advantage plans limit your out-of-pocket healthcare costs, and many plans cover some preventative services, such as annual wellness exams, and hearing and vision services. Reliant accepts 6 Medicare …

Jun 28, 2022 / Geriatrics / Neurology

What is Alzheimer’s Disease?

By Kate Williams, NP Division of Neurology June is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month, an ideal time to learn more about Alzheimer’s disease, including risk factors and how it …

Exercise is Important for Older Adults

By Nancy Swayze, MD Chief of Skilled Nursing Facilities Medical experts agree that older adults (those age 65+) really benefit from regular exercise. Even seniors who have chronic medical …

Medical Mythbuster: Can You Get a Sunburn on a Cloudy Day?

When you are outdoors on a cloudy day, it may be tempting to skip the sunscreen, but that would be a mistake. Clouds only partially block the invisible UV …

Olive Oil – the healthy fat many agree on

By David Stein, MD Department of Internal Medicine We all get a lot of advice on what is, and what isn’t, a healthy diet. Fortunately, there’s one food that …

Jun 28, 2022 / Pediatrics

Tips to Prepare Your Child for Sleep-Away Camp

By Matthew Waugh, MD Department of Pediatrics A stay at a sleep-away summer camp can be a memorable and cherished experience of childhood. While summer camp can often help …

5 Tips to Help Your Healthy Eating Stay on Course This Summer

During the summer months, we all like to go out and enjoy ourselves more. From vacations at the shore to neighborhood barbecues, June, July and August are usually the …

Can Music Help Improve Your Workout?

By Dr. Robert Harizi Division Chief, Reliant Medical Group Cardiology Ever notice that some people at the gym seem to spend more time finding the right songs for their …


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