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Medical Minute: Treating Diarrhea

Apr 21, 2015 / No Comments

Many adults suffer from acute diarrhea, resulting in over 8 million doctor visits per year in the U.S. alone. Fortunately there are many ways to treat diarrhea at home. …

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Medical Minute: Common Exercise Myths

Apr 2, 2015 / No Comments

We recently visited Physical Therapist Assistant and Personal Trainer, Pete Valera, at our Gold Star Boulevard site to learn about common exercise myths. Did you know there are 3 …

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Medical Minute: Acne

Mar 11, 2015 / No Comments

We visited Nurse Practitioner, Kerrie McFeeters, at our Westborough site to talk about acne and tips on how to treat it. Watch her video below to learn more:  Looking …

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Medical Minute: Shoveling Safety

Mar 2, 2015 / No Comments

Today we visited John Lewczyk, a physical therapist at our Worcester Ice Center location, to learn about the proper ways to protect your back when shoveling snow. Watch the video below for great …

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Medical Minute: Quitting Smoking

Feb 23, 2015 / No Comments

We sat down with Dr. Bhat, an internal medicine physician at our Framinham site, to learn about the side effects of smoking and how Reliant Medical Group can help you …

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Medical Minute: Heavy Periods

Dec 15, 2014 / No Comments

For our latest Medical Minute, we sat down with Dr. Michele Sinopoli to talk about heavy periods. There are several options for women to treat this condition, watch the …

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Medical Minute: Female Incontinence

Dec 5, 2014 / No Comments

A common misconception about incontinence is that it only affects the elderly. We recently sat down with Dr. Diego Illanes, a urogynecologist at our Worcester Medical Center location, to learn …

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Medical Minute: Flu Shots for Children

Nov 26, 2014 / No Comments

Dr. Samant, a pediatrician from our Neponset St. site, sat down to talk to us about influenza and why it’s so important for your child to have a flu shot …

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Medical Minute: Speech Therapy

Nov 3, 2014 / No Comments

Robyn Cunniff, a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist at our Gold Star Boulevard site, sat down with us to go over speech and language development milestones. Watch it below! 

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Medical Minute: High Blood Pressure

Oct 22, 2014 / 3 Comments

Dr. Kristen Newsom, a family practice physician at our Holden location, discusses high blood pressure in her second “Medical Minute” video. Take a look!

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Medical Minute: Breastfeeding Benefits for Mom and Baby

Oct 6, 2014 / No Comments

Dr. Kristen Newsom, a family practice physician at our Holden location, sat down for a “Medical Minute” video to discuss the numerous benefits that breastfeeding has for both moms and babies. Check …

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Medical Minute: Enterovirus D68- What Parents Need to Know

Sep 19, 2014 / No Comments

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about Enterovirus D68, a respiratory virus affecting children, in the news recently.  An unusually high amount of cases have been reported throughout the …

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Medical Minute: Vaccinations for Your Child

Sep 14, 2014 / No Comments

Dr. Lloyd Fisher, a pediatrician at our May St., Worcester location, sat down for a “Medical Minute” video to discuss the benefits of immunizing your children and how vaccinations are …

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