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Mar 17, 2016 / Medical Minute

Medical Minute: Endometriosis

March is Endometriosis Awareness Month. To learn more about this disorder, we visited with Dr. Michele Sinopoli. Watch our video below to see what she had to tell us! …

Medical Minute: Concussions

We visited with Dr. Lindsay Oliver to learn more about concussions and how they’re caused & treated. Watch our latest Medical Minute below to see what we found out! …

Nov 18, 2015 / Medical Minute

Medical Minute: Men and the Doctor’s Office

We visited with Dr. Ali at our Holden site to talk about the growing trend of men avoiding the doctor’s office and why they shouldn’t hesitate to go to …

Medical Minute: Morton’s Neuroma

We visited with Dr. Henczel, a Podiatrist at our Gold Star Boulevard site, to talk about Morton’s Neuroma. Watch our video above to learn about its symptoms and how it’s …

Jun 18, 2015 / Medical Minute

Medical Minute: Adult Vaccines

We visited Dr. Bhat again this past week to talk about young adults and their dangerously low vaccination rates. A common excuse for this is the myth that you can …

Medical Minute: Treating Diarrhea

Many adults suffer from acute diarrhea, resulting in over 8 million doctor visits per year in the U.S. alone. Fortunately there are many ways to treat diarrhea at home. …

Medical Minute: Quitting Smoking

We sat down with Dr. Bhat, an internal medicine physician at our Framinham site, to learn about the side effects of smoking and how Reliant Medical Group can help you …

Medical Minute: Breastfeeding Benefits for Mom and Baby

Dr. Kristen Newsom, a family practice physician at our Holden location, sat down for a “Medical Minute” video to discuss the numerous benefits that breastfeeding has for both moms and babies. Check …

Medical Minute: Enterovirus D68- What Parents Need to Know

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about Enterovirus D68, a respiratory virus affecting children, in the news recently.  An unusually high amount of cases have been reported throughout the …

Medical Minute: Vaccinations for Your Child

Dr. Lloyd Fisher, a pediatrician at our May St., Worcester location, sat down for a “Medical Minute” video to discuss the benefits of immunizing your children and how vaccinations are …


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