Nov 28, 2016 / News

Our New SurePay System Means You’ll Never Be Surprised with a Reliant Radiology Bill Again

We all know that paying for the medical services we receive can be a little confusing at times. That’s why Reliant Medical Group is introducing SurePay at all of …

Are Some Mothers Really Consuming Their Placenta?

It may sound a little off the wall, but an increasing number of new mothers are consuming their placenta after delivery. So is this just a new dangerous health …

Nov 18, 2016 / Geriatrics / Seniors

7 Tips for Sex After 60

According to more than a few national studies, seniors are having a lot more sex than most people think. In fact, data from the University of Chicago’s National Social …

Dr. Newsom and Dr. Jain Earn Readers’ Choice Awards

Our dedicated physicians at Reliant Medical Group continue to win accolades! This week, Dr. Kristen Newsom of Holden Family Practice was named Best Primary Care Doctor in The Landmark’s …

Medical Mythbuster: Is it Dangerous to Wake a Sleepwalker?

It’s a myth that waking a sleepwalker will cause them to have a heart attack, or another sudden health problem. However, that doesn’t mean you should wake a sleepwalker. …


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